Help with visual scripting?

I’m still fairly new to visual scripting/scripting in general.

What I’m trying to accomplish is to create a working elevator, where I can press a button while the actor is in the box trigger, and have the elevator go to the selected floor, and then return to the bottom floor.

Below is a picture of what I have, and my solution was to copy and paste it, with a different key input, and a different matinee sequence. That however didn’t work, as it won’t allow me to have more than one function for the “OnActorBeginOverlap” .

Any suggestions?

Below Is a screen of what I’ve tried/have.

This might help. Has overlap for up and down. But both are begin overlap. I am sure you could change a few things like a F Key to activate. Or Attach the trigger box the the lift, so when you exit it returns to 1st floor.