Help with understanding how to get morph targets working

been trying to get morph targets to work, but the documentation is lacking a bit, its more of a description of what it does rather than how to do it exactly, the image at the bottom is too low res to work from, i have a morph target that works with the spinner on the skeletal mesh options, so im good to go as soon as i figure it out or get some help please. in udk we simple had a morph target track in the matinee. udn page

Hi Marc!

Sorry about the confusion in the documentation. The solution is there, but I suppose we could have been a little clearer about it. :slight_smile:

At this time, you don’t have a Morph Target track to handle that sort of thing. Instead, you’ll need to create a morphing animation on your Skeletal Mesh in your 3D package of choice (Max, Maya, etc.) You’ll then import the Animation of that Morph Target as an AnimSequence asset.

Once you’ve got that, it’s as simple as firing off an Anim Control Track in Matinee and choosing your animation.

So, in overview:

In Max/Maya/etc.

  • Make your model
  • Morph it how you like
  • ANIMATE the morph doing it’s thing
  • Make sure to add at least one bone and a skin (since it must be a skeletal mesh)
  • Export

In Rocket

  • Import the skeletal mesh (check Import Morph Targets AND Import Animation)
  • Create your Matinee
  • Add your Skeletal Mesh via a new Empty group - as you did in UE3
  • Add an AnimControl track
  • When you place a key, you should see your imported animation for the morph listed
  • Scrub or play - your Skeletal Mesh should be morphing

Let me know if this doesn’t work. I’ll make some adjustments to the documentation for the example, and thanks for bringing this to my attention!

As for the image, I’ll see about lightboxing a higher-res version. I’m pretty sure I was assuming the user would open up the sequence themselves in the Example file. Sorry! :slight_smile:

Ah, yea i had it pretty much set up right, apart from i didn’t add any animation keyframes in max for the object i wanted to morph, thanks for clearing this up though, the new system for animation overall seems better from what iv been doing :smiley: