Help With Uasset Edits

I have unpaked episode 1-3 of LIS2 (What I wanted to mod) All I want to do is switch character models. It’s in uasset form and I don’t know what I’m doing at all at this point. I have my models I wanted to switch with. I just can’t understand how to do this. I’m not an expert at unreal. I just wanted to mod a game and now I’m stuck of what to do.


Okay I messed around a bit more and I was able to import my model in unreal. So, I suppose my next question would be what I do next.

I have files like these to replace with my model.

What do I do? How to make the files into this? Then when I do what about paks when I need reseal the files?

Hello AmberDemonWolf1, and welcome to the Unreal Community.

Your question has a few steps involved. So I will post the relevant documentation and a brief explanation on each if this is alright.

Importing into Unreal Engine: Though you have stated you managed to get the assets imported, there is no harm in reviewing this documentation to ensure everything is imported to your needs.

Retargeting: Many times when changing out a skeletal mesh, it is required that you may need to retarget a skeleton. Since you are using UE4 (as per the tags in this post), you will have access to the Retarget manager. This will assist you in assessing your meshes and getting the animations to work later on.

Working With Modular Characters: Your asset names seem to clue me in that you may be working with modular parts. Here is a guide on this subject. Modular Characters rely on multiple skeletal meshes so be sure that your skeletons are retargeted/fitting for the results you desire.

The final section of your question seems to be about packing for a mod. I am not well versed in modding but I will leave you the documentation to perform a build for any function testing you need in your project.

The documentation may give you a reasonable direction to start in. I hope this all helps.