Help With Turret

The picture supplied show a trigger box in front of the barrel and it moves with the level sequence set up.

i want to make it so when a player crosses the trigger box it shoots at the player. i have tried but cant seem to figure it out.

post a screen shot of how you attempted to do this (need to see the blueprints, not just the 3D models in the viewport)

I haven’t really got anything I have no idea how to approach this I thought I did but I kept running in to problems such as not being able to get the begin and end overlaps from the trigger box inside of the sentry turret object blueprint and could get reference to the barrel component that has the socket inside the main level blue print

Easiest thing to do then would be to select the trigger box in the viewport. Open the level blueprint with the trigger box selected and right click in the level blueprint and search for “on actor begin overlap” that should pull up the overlap event. Once you have that go back to your viewport then select the turret instead, with the turret selected go back to the level blueprint and right click in the event graph and search for “create reference to selected object”. Now you have a reference to the turret in the level blueprint. Within your turret blueprint you would script the “firing” mechanism and have it execute off of a custom event. So search for custom event in the turret blueprint and have that control the firing. Now back in the level blueprint, use the trigger overlap event and drag off from the bottom pin that says “other actor” or something like that, from that bottom pin cast to your player character. From the reference to the turret, drag off from there and in the search box find your custom event. Hook up the custom event to fire the turret to the success pin of the player cast. And that should do the trick.

So i believe i have set up what you have said correctly it could be and issue with my firing mechanism but so far nothing has happened.

It’s not working because the “get player range” is a custom event that never is called. And even if it was it would only fire once. You need that on a timer, a timeline or tick to get it to continuously check if the player is in range.