Help with Trail Controller

Hi everyone, I’m having a little problem with animations that hopefully I can get some help with.

I have a character with a scarf, and inside of his Animation Blueprint I have Trail Controllers set up to control the bones in the scarf. This gives it a very nice flowy look, especially while idle, but as soon as I get him to run forward the scarf flies 90 degrees perpendicular to him.

Here he is idle with a neat scarf:

and here he is when I get him to run forward:

I’m thinking it might have to do with the fact that the trail controllers are in the animation blueprint, with the state machine that controls movement coming before it, putting velocity onto the trailing bones too and making them fly to the side because that’s where the Y-orientation of the bones points to. But if anyone has any clues I would be greatly appreciated. I’ll keep working on a solution.