Help with this tutorial about NPCs interacting with objects

The tutotial Its actually very good and works fine but only works if the “character/npc” is a child of the main player Blueprint. So if i want to add a new character that dosnt Inherits from the main player it will not perform the Anim Montage.

I guess the thing is that i dont know how to make other characters/npcs that are not child of the main player play the montage as its linked to the main player as you can see in the screenshot.

Any idea how could i make this work? Thank you in advance.

Okay, need to clear some stuff up:

You simply want other characters to play the AnimMontage?

Or do you require an interaction script to occur for them to play the AnimMontage?

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Other characters to play the montage, the interaction scrip its already working but only for child blueprints of the third person character.

Do those other characters have:

  1. The EXACT same skeleton as the target children?
  2. An Animation Blueprint that they are using?
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Correct, Same skeleton and Anim BP so they can use the same Montage

Can you post a screenshot of the logic in the non-child actors?

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Dont have one for non-child BPs, thats what im trying to figure out, they child BP goes like this.


So the “non-child-NPC” does go to the area but it will not play the montage as the montage its connected to the third person character and its children like shown in the picture.

Btw i forgot to mention that the image where the “even start interaction” is from the interactable object blueprint, thats why im casting to the third person character.

Note: sorry for my english its not my main lenguage.

You speak better English than a lot of native speakers on this website, let me tell you (this means, "I’m completely serious, but in a “joking” way).

Okay, I think I understand what’s going on.

Your TARGET needs to be the non-child’s MESH. You always input the target as the output of the casted character.

You’re going to use PLAY MONTAGE instead:

Haha thank you for that : ).

Is it posible to have a logic to have “multiple” meshes instead of just one?, just so the third person character can also interact with this object?. or that would require a new/different event?

Do you mean can Blueprint be INSTANCED (basically a copy) so you don’t have to keep creating new Blueprints? If so, yes.

All you would need to do is place as many of this Blueprint as you want in your scene. Then, if you want the characters to be different, you can change the skeletal mesh of each instance (copy).

They’ll all behave the exact same way, but they’ll all look different (if you are using multiple meshes).