Help with the spotlight in the top-down template

I am trying to create a top-down game where you run around in a dark room. All you have is a flashlight to your disposal. But, when i try to set up the flashlight by connecting a spotlight to the topdowncharacter in the view port area, there is a gap between the character, and where the light comes out, but inside the view port part it shows that the spot light is connected. Are there any things that i’m doing wrong, or is there something else i could do to fix.

Here is the problem. Ask if you need me to take any other pictures or anything else.

I’m guessing it is because you have your spotlight at chest height of your character, so the spotlight’s cone doesn’t start at his feet. Now you either move the spotlight to character’s feet height or you keep it at chest/head height and rotate it downwards a bit.

Thanks man i feel so stupid for not thinking of something so simple lol, but for real thanks.