Help with the Raft

Hello I’m working on modifying the raft some. I’ve noticed that the raft gets hungry and starts losing health and has to be repaired often. I am having a difficult time finding the BP to modify the raft. Where should i look? I didn’t see a BP in the Vehicles folder that contains the raft’s assets. Any help is appreciated.

They have fixed this in-game I believe, that or they said they will be fixing it in 209 (I can’t recall the notes off the top of my head), but the DevKit hasn’t been updated yet and probably won’t for a few more days yet maybe a week as they’re spamming updates at us for the coming week I think. So it won’t make sense for them to update the DevKit until they’ve taken a break from updating.


Dont forget dude. Even though the game is at 209.4, the ADK is not so anything new that came with the patch will not be reflected in the ADK.

I just updated to ADK v210.1 today and still can’t find the Raft anywhere in editor… I assume its not up-to-date yet with the main game files??

I don’t think the Raft has made this update… maybe the next one. I’m just hanging out for the Dune Buggy. Lol.


the raft is in 210.1 . i took a look at it and got verry dissapointed in how it was made up…
the raft is a frikin dino :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, yeah. This saves a lot of work while permitting all the necessary functionality.

Where is it located? and/or named? i searched for “raft” and “boat” and got nothing…

yup…smart way to reduce development time…

i didnt have a look at the raft…was thinking if we could change the static mesh…

I have done a mod of the raft and changed the mesh. It uses a skeletal mesh by the way, not a static mesh since it is a dino. It is really horrible with collision, the only collision you have is the root capsule so it is just as bad as dinos sticking their parts through terrain and structures. Not really a smart way to do a vehicle but yes a lazy way to reduce development time.

Well seeing as the buggy is not really available in the game yet they haven’t needed to implement a vehicle system. It’s most likely on the cards for the game though, but will come at a later date.


The same issue applies to dino’s though, the collision is just as bad. The buggy isn’t available because they are still using the seriously outdated version of Unreal Engine.

The buggy, I’m pretty sure, was just taken from the VehicleGame project… which is compatible with 4.5.1. So, no, that’s not why it’s not available, it’s just not a priority.



A simple search for “Raft” while in the main GAMES Folder shows you all those items.

can we override the raft speed in the “ini” file?
i tried to make a child of the raft, included a testgamemode and primalgamedata file, where i remapped the original raft to the modified child.
this does not seem to work. any hint?

The only override i have found to work is the drag override, and the ability to move backwards.

I tried a while back to make a faster raft (granted this was right when i first got into ADK).

Although, one fun thing to mess with is giving it t-rex AI.

@jslay - Are you able to give some info on how you where able to make it go in reverse? Looking to make a semi mod for my server and trying to increase the size of platform not to mention make it faster, increase amount of structures are on it and what not.