Help with the playing start point!

Hello everyone!

I’m a newbe in Unreal and as I trie and learn, weird problems always show up. This one, for exemple:

I opened a new project to try some things about procedural foliage and volumetric sky.
I didn’t touch anything about the character, but each time I press play, the charcter appears floating at a high distance above ground…
I then touched things a lot, to try to see what happens when I delete or move the “NetworkPlayer Star” capsule, but there is nothing to do… I’m kind at loss…
This is a problem that never showed up in previous projects…
Can someone help me solve this?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

It sounds like the player is standing on something. Try looking at the level in collision mode:



Thank you so much!!
That was it, I totally forgot that I placed a plane shape for the ocean, and automatically, without thinking, I set up its size also on the height axis…