Help with the pause

Hi all…
I create a pause menù like this…
Now when i press space appear the pause menù but i have to click 2 times for make the action of the button…the first time spawns the cursor and the second do the action…why?

Probably because the window doesn’t have mouse control but just hides the mouse when focused.

so how i can show it?

I believe there is a Node that says something like “Window/Game has Mouse Control”.

Set Input Mode Game and UI
Set Input Mode Game Only
Set Input Mode UIOnly
Are the Three nodes for for UI or game inputs

can you explain the difference?

Set Input Mode Game and UI - Provides mouse control to your UI while still providing keyboard input to your game
Set Input Mode Game Only - Removes UI mouse control and sets your inpot back to just being in game I.E mouse controls the camera
Set Input Mode UIOnly - Provides mouse control to your UI and stops all input to the game, with this option you can’t move around while in menu nor, this is what you would use for a pause menu or anything else of that nature

okok thanks a lot :smiley:

I Set Input Mode UIOnlSet Input Mode UIOnly but when i click to another place return normal…why?

Siengried, would you mind not spamming the forum like that? Most of your questions can be answered if you google and/or youtube the things
you want to know. There are several tutorials on the Web that you can follow to learn the basics.

And even if you need to post a question, please explain your problems better. Some of your posts are really hard to understand ):

And the worst thing is, you bump threads too often! You are only allowed to bump a thread after 4 days without any reply!
If you keep bumping threads and making double posts like that, i will need to see this as some sort of spamming.

sorry for all eXi but i really need of help…i not want to spam…only ask some helps to who knows more then me…
I used input modeUi for block the viewport in the main menù. But when i click anywhere it return free and i can move around thw viewport…why?

Please why when i click the cursor begin normal and i can move my viewport?

Hm, i have no idea. Normally if you set the input Mode to UI only, you shouldn’t be able to use the Viewport until you change it again.

i can move it if i click on the viewport