Help With the GT Roads and Paths Spline tool

I’m having an issue with the Game Textures Roads and Paths market place pack. I go to the Landscape tool, Manage, and use the spline tool to add a spline. I’ll add a GT Road Pack mesh all the roads are not in line they are side by side… So i saw on their page it said to change the forward axis to “Y”, I did that and now the road has dropped WAY bellow my terrain. Is there a way to get it to snap back with my terrain? or do I have to manuall change the X axis until it is even with my terrain? I bought this pack a few months ago and have had nothing but problems with it. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I tried emailing GT’s website but the email address errors out.

I also was experiencing the same issues recently, to get the roads to line up you might need to rotate them and scale them up. When the road disappears under the terrain there are some offset settings that you can mess around with to get the road lined up along the landscape surface. You might also want to mess around with the “segments” and “control points” because one of my issues was some options were missing. The dev really needs to fix there website or upload a decent video tutorial online.