Help with Texture Distortion Problems?

Hello folks,

I painted a Glock 17 in Painter and brought it into UE5. (This is a self-teaching exercise to better learn the workflow from Maya to Painter to UE5.) The model’s animated and was brought in as an .ABC file. Everything generally works, though there are a few problems. One of these problems is the appearance of my textures.

  1. They seem to be a bit shinier in the reflective areas and duller in the roughness areas than I intended. This, with an HDRI backdrop only. When I bring in a directional light, the materials look closer to how I intended. Yes, I unchecked sRGB in the Occlusion/Roughness/Metallicity map.

  2. Also, some maps are a bit distorted. For example, the copyright info on the handle is slightly wavy, but in Painter, the frame and text of the copyrighted stamp are perfectly straight.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Screenshot of how it looks in Unreal?

Shine will always look different across rendering engines since each one has their own lighting and shading algorithms that you might have to compensate for.

Wavy or pixelated? Make sure the texture resolution is high enough to fit all the details.

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Thank you for the response.

It happens only with the global illumination lights, like the HDRI backdrop. A directional light seems to get a response from the textures more like I intended.

As for the texture distortion, it’s wavy, as if the UVs had been distorted. But, it’s fine in Painter. It’s almost not noticeable, but I could see this being an issue with something more prominent. (Other imprinted text is fine.)

Thanks again.

PS: I am learning that the HDRI lighting does not light the way other solutions do, such as Redshift or Arnold. It doesn’t look as good, and it seems you need this as a base, not a sole solution (in V-Ray, e.g., I can sometimes get away with a single dome light).