Help with terrain material based on slope

Hi, I make a material for a landscape, based on slope and height.

I want to make some noise between the thresholds, to make it look like natural.
Can anyone help me?
If need, I can post some screenshot from the material editor

if your want the game to look realistic i would recommend creating a physical noise on the terrain, for example use the erode scupt tool to physically make the terrain more noisy in shape, THEN apply the texture to it.

You could always just add a black and white “cloud” (photoshop filter) to the material in order to make it look better but that would require much more work in the material. though it would come out at a higher quality.

Couple of suggestions, do a search on this subject and watch some videos of experts doing this exact task, it will help you more then a one off answer about one small tiny bit of your effort. Also better to also post your material setup so people can offer more directed help. Terrain setups can get very very complex.

Thank you for the responds.
I’ve search a lot of videos for the terrain based on slope, but none of these, show what i want. I’ve also try to erode a little bit the terrain, but the result is a hard-edge terrain, and i dont want that result.
Here the screeshot of my material

I use a slope based terrain material in a project you can download and dissect it if you want.

Thank you very much!