Help with switching between diferente variations of a animation: In combat out combat

hello guys i need a little help in my game, i’m build a hack& slash game with some rpg elements, then part of my design is have the character have a 'in combat" mode and “out of combat” mode, what i means?

well i means i want which my character will have 2 type of animations one for when he is combat or when the draw the weapon which i means, stance combat, walk, run, jump and all others and another when he is not in combat or when he sheath the weapon, it will change his “walk, run, jump” and others animations i means he will have “basic animations” for when not in combat and some proper animations when in combat.

i know which i can use the animation montage to for exemple use a single walk animation for both holding and not holding a weapon, but for some cases it’s don’t blend well, like for exemple if the base in combat idle and walk animation is too “diferent” from the normal idle and walk it can make the character look a little weird when fighting, then i would like to instead of just use the animation montage be able to switch between both animations, i means i’ve already have animations for both cases, like a animation of walking or idle when holding a weapon and a animations for when he is not holding the weapon.

then i would love to know a way were i could for exemple after "draw the weapon the character change the "animations he is currently using in his state machine to a new one or if possible inside the same state machine a way to "change from that base idle/walk/run animation to a new one with idle/walk,run holding the weapon without being a "animation montage.

would love some words and maybe some images or video or small tutorial about it.

First tip don’t try to do everything with in the state machine as you will land up breaking things that needs to or should happen down the migration path.

Some cool tricks of the trade
First speaker explains the importance of using an animation tree over state machines. As an animator I would suggest the tree for state changes and use a state machine just for Locomotion state changes. As the saying goes where the hips goes the torso will follow.

From there we get more into game design over practical theory so once you have your actor running around you will find it a lot easier to break things down into small logic blocks.

hmm thanks, interesting i will take a look but i also think which maybe i’ve found what i wanted maybe can be this:

would be good if someone could check this one to see if its fine use that way, this is exactly what i wanted, 1 idle/wak/run for when not equiped and a idle/walk/run for when not equiped it make the character behavious in a way when in combat and in another when out of combat, because i want to add some mechanics to work only when "equiping a sword like the combat and others actions when not equiping a sword.