Help with Superhero game

Hello there my name is Enoch and I’m currently working with on a superhero game, now currently I have no funds but I believe if we work hard we can get funds from kick starter if you’re interested email me, my email is

Title: The Fatal 4 vs The Shadow World
In short summary what is it About: The game is about 4 kids with superpowers
Main characters: Eli, Bolt, Ice, and Able

My personal skills:
Level design
Blueprint programmer

Job openings:
Level designers
3D modeling
Blueprint programmers

It brings back memories.

The first set of documentation that I prepared was on the topic of four teenagers with superpowers. (Crossway)
But this was not a superhero story. It was more a story about four teenagers who for some reason found themselves pressed to the wall by the world around. And they had nothing else but to unite their forces for the sake of survival and help to each other. A story of conspiracy and a bunch of secrets that were revealed during the passage. Each of the characters had its own story campaign that densely intersected with the rest of the stories.

A flexible combat system that allows you to create a wide variety of combo attacks and abilities.
Mutants, robots, religious fanatics, evil corporations and sea monsters. All in the kit.

And then I sank to the ground. Realizing that this is not to create. And the team of fans is also not realizable. Too much work. And he began to create things for less.

The idea is good. But start with what is less. And when you collect the team and grow to the size of indie (You’ll have some money from unpretentious projects, take care of this project).
Good luck. And do not be upset to go forward.

not upset at all, I shall return when I actually have funds lol