Help with stamina bar

Alright so i have sprinting set up for my game, here is the full sprinting BP

And the very last part

And lastly my HUD BP

The issue i am having is that it does not display when i start the game. Instead it will show up as a full bar when im at 0% and when it recharges it will go instantly from full to empty on the first sprint.
I am very bad at UMG’s so some help would be great.

First up, I would add to view port on begin play or do you only want it showing when he is sprinting?


Also have you used a print string to check stamina instead of widget?


Yes it was originally hooked up to a print string so i could make sure everything is working correctly, i just made it show constantly. Should have seen my mistake there haha

does it work Now or still got issue with it jumping full to empty?


It is still jumping from full to empty

Remember, progress bar goes from 0-1.

Not 100


I cant even get it to visually deplete on the bar, my blueprints seem right to me

I will do a quick one



Binding on progress bar




I tried to replicate what you did in a new template and could not get it to work. I have tried everything in my little knoledge of ue4 and blueprints to get this to work but the end result is still the same. Starts off full, does not drain when sprinting and flashes empty when stamina is out then goes back to full. I followed this tutorial for my sprinting here:

From what I see you’re asking the Stamina Bar to have a % fill of 0 to 100. Whereas Narg told you it needs a number between 0 and 1 to fill properly.

All you should have to do is normalize the float values you are using to produce a 0-1 scale for your percentages. This will force your values into the 0-1 scale, no matter what your actual cap is. So 50 would be .5 on a 0-100 scale, etc.