Help with Sphere Overlap Actors

I have been testing/learning how to use Sphere Overlap Actors recently and been trying to print out a list of actors that are within the overlap. I can’t seem to get this to print out anything. Is there something I am missing? Any help would be appreciated.


Word of warning, always have a delay after Event Begin Play.

Nine times out of ten if there is no delay, it tries to process the connected logic before, or at the same time more likely, things like the Construction Script and what have you which causes it to never execute.

A delay of 0.1 usually is enough, but there’s no harm in leaving it at 0.2 - it’s literally two tenths of a second(not a big hit).

Also, after your FLB, cast each result to PrimalDinoCharacter and print the descriptive(variable) name, or print the descriptive(pure function) name of just a basic actor reference - no casting. Helps ensure you’re going to read a valid string and prevent any possibilities of blanks.