Help with simple trace

Hello, I was watching a tutorial which almost showed me what I needed but it didn’t reveal a small part and I figure someone here could help me. Basically, I want to print out what bone my gun is pointed at on another skeletal mesh using a Line Trace Component. Its in the youttube video, which is only 3 minutes long. I’m not sure exactly what was on the left side of the Line trace component node. It seems like its a node, which is what I am trying to figure out, that feeds partly into the Line Trace Component node to run it but also provides an array of Skeletal Meshes I think which feeds in as the Target of the Line Trace Component Node. To simplify, I’m providing a Link to the exact part of the tutorial where you can see the most on the left side and also an image with arrows pointing to the invisible and partly visible I’m looking for. Unfortunately there was a link provided with the files but it is now a dead link. I would appreciate the help.
Here is the link to the exact part:
And I’m attaching an image also:

First is Get attached actors linked to a Get (array) 0.Second is Get World location.(your component name). The missing blue link is your component itself, drag your FP_gun or sphere from the top left. The last missing link is probably Get Component world rotation he get the forward vector from there which is linked too to the same blue component.

Thanks, Jeel, I’ll try to get it to work from there and see if I can get the same result. I appreciate your help.

Depend your hierarchy you might need another index within the array (get 1 or 2).
Must be done inside your character blueprint.
I forgot to multiply the forward vector in the screen.

Thanks **Jeel_884 for making this image for me. It really helps and I believe I got it to work. Again thanks for taking the time to actually create an image to show me, I’m very grateful! **