Help with simple Space Animation for kids space simulator project

I’m looking for someone that might help with a little UE4 animation……

Background: I am building a kids Space capsule for my granddaughters, it features a cockpit you sit in with lots of educational space related screens/games plus many buttons, flashing lights and sound effects (DFPlayer based). This spaceship has three cut-out windows that look onto a 60” LCD TV.

The problem I have is finding suitable visuals to display on the LCD TV. I’m currently just looping some video clips. What I ideally would like is an animation that can be controlled via a joystick as a little spaceship/spaceperson travels around in space between planets and stars. PC based would be good but can deal with any platform.

I have started to learn UE4 and have made some mesh’s for a couple of planets. But for a one-off project the learning curve is a big task. I do not need anything that is “solar system correct” or in any way overcomplicated. No shooting or destroying anything…. And running in an open loop with enough content to make the visual interesting.

I’ve included a photo of the rough template and visual concept I’m playing with….

This little clip (from norikimami – is the sort of thing I’m hunting for (but with traveling around the planets). But could be a spacecraft rather then a character….

Lost Traveler - 3D model by stuffsbynorik (@norikimami) [ca118db] (

It occurred to me that someone might have something very close to my needs. Or something that could easily be modified to suit??

Happy to pay a nominal amount and happy for a more experienced UE4 user to own the animation! I’m just interested in something to use for this one-off job. Doesn’t seem to be anything out there that suits, apart for the more full on gaming market.

Any ideas???

I have some solarsystem/planet assets somewhere.

However have you tried games allps like:
Space Engine, Kerbal Space Program, No mans sky. etc.

Go to Community Tools section and look for Viper Project (Jacky)… There’s Solar System projects there too. See if those get you started. Godot may have space templates or Unity.

Thanks very much, I actually have those three and plan to use them on the screens inside the capsule along with some learning material for kids from ESA and NASA. For the simple view out the windows, they are far to complex… As mentioned, I’m after a very basic space background in an endless loop that has a spaceship or character that can move around in that space. Suitable for age 4 to 8 ish.

Thanks, will have a look at Viper Project…

Stupid question! Can Unity templates be used in UE4? I thought they were basically competing products?? You can tell I haven’t played with Unity! I have seen some material available on Unity that looked interesting…

How to answer that… :thinking: Yes & no, but mostly no… Some of the core 3D assets (meshes) MAY be interchangeable between engines… But only if licensing of the 3D assets is flexible / free. The core CODE or the stuff that actually does the magic will not be interchangeable. :wink:

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