Help with simple physics

So I looked everywhere but I cant find documentation or a tutorial about simple physics.
There’s a lot about physics constraints but nothing about the simple stuff like an object weight or how to make an object hard to push or a simple interaction between a character to an item that is affected by physics.

To demonstrate what I mean here is a video with things I cant seem to do:

In the video the book shake and bounce of like a ping pong when ever my character touches it or step on it and sometime it just seems to disappear but in fact it flew off far far away.
The cube shake and bounce of like it as no mass.

I tried changing everything under physics I even tried sub-stepping.
Nothing works.

How do I fix those issues and how do I make the behavior of objects seem more real?

Have you tried changing the “Mass in KG” parameter for the objects? This gives it a more realistic feel when moving things around.

Its the first thing I tried and it does nothing the object in the video have a mass of 90000.

This is likely an issue with your player, make sure that your player’s mass is something realistic (100 KG), also make sure you haven’t changed any major options within your player’s physics settings.

I tried in a couple of project always the same result my player is 160 kg.
And please read the post I already tried changing everything under physics.

Well this is frustrating.
I cant get it to do this simple thing and I know its supposed to be simple.

Can anyone help me with this?

i always have some kind physics issue, its normal for Unreal so just ignore…

That isn’t really a good attitude to have. You should be able to make almost anything in unreal.

You need to provide more details, like the collision setup of your cubes and books and whether you enabled physics interaction in your Pawn’s movement component.

Did you read the physics documentation? Physics in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation It sounds to me like you are looking for physical materials Physical Materials in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation which let you change basic stuff like density, friction, and restitution (bounciness).

Please read my post more carefully I already said that I looked everywhere and tried all the things you suggested here.

And it was the character mash collision. I created a new object channel and set it to overlap on the character mash and to block on the capsule component that solved the shaking and the bounce. But there’s still a problem with small object they still shake like crazy I think it’s because the object collision is inside the capsule component.