Help with shooting straight

in my project for school i cant seem to get the projectile to shoot straight. it also doesn’t come out where I want it to.


Can you post a bit more about your setup? Are you using Blueprints? How are you currently trying to spawn your projectile, etc. More information will allow us to help you better :slight_smile:

I started with the third person blueprint and changed the camera to first person. I imported a weapon model and I added a socket to the skeleton, and binded the shooting to the left click, I made the projectile an actor and added it to the socket.

I’ve been using this tutorial

So does the projectile come out at all? You want to pay careful attention to the transform for the Spawn Actor from Class (BP_Projectile). You can either have your projectile spawn from a certain location relative to your camera, or from a certain socket’s location. You might have to test different transform values. Transforms are the orange pin from your spawn actor from class node that contain Location (X, Y, Z), rotation (X,Y,Z) and Scale (X,Y,Z) information. Post a screen shot of your character blueprint so we can see more as well :slight_smile:

What part of the blueprint. The projectile is coming out

Probably your character blueprint if you are using the first person or third person templates

K, it’ll be up as soon as i can get to it

here is a picture of the event graph in my Third Person Blueprint

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