Help with Setting up Multiple endings

The game I’m currently working on is going to have 3 multiple endings, based on variables(Affection, reputation…ect), as well as possibly a few switches. I’ve looked around and found many people suggesting to use Enums, but I can’t really grasp on ‘how’ exactly to do so. I’m a visual learner, so I find it difficult to just read it in text and try to input it myself. *I would appreciate images if possible.

Sorry for the odd request, I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with this.

Basically let’s say you have reputations.Red reputation gives you 1 ending, blue another etc… Those should be float or integer values. When the time comes you just compare those floats to decide wich ending you will have. Once your logic figured out wich value is higher you set an Enum variable in the game mode accordingly (so enum will be like with 3 entries; red, blue and white for example). Once you set that you just go for SwitchOnEwhatevernameoftheenumvariable; this way you will get 3 different execution outputs where you can setup 3 different events or chains of events.