Help with setting up animations pls

i have an idle/walk/run 1d blendspace
and i have animations for:
*start walking / stop walking
*start running / stop running
is there a way to use them to have a smooth transition?

any help here pls?

The transition is based on the relationship between the input value and the axis range that you set. If your input value is gradually changing it’ll have a blend. This can be done with a float interpolation blueprint node or instead of using the blendspace at all you can move your idle/walk/run functionality into a state machine and change your blending speed by selecting the transition node and setting the blend speed in the properties at the bottom right.

Well that sounds a little complicated for me
there isn’t a way to blend between multiple blend scpaces?
like a blend space for starts (walk/run) another for the loops and a thirs for the stops?

Here is a tutorial covering blend spaces, animation and how to set them up, among other stuff.

Bascially you need to go into you Animation Blueprint and assign animations, depending on speed and movement direction, or you need to setup your player locomotion using blend spaces. And yes you can use more than one.