Help with setting up an INI option

I’m pretty new to modding and this is for my first mod, I’ve never setup an INI option via graphs before but i’ve watched a bunch of tutorials about this and unfortunately none of them really applied to what i’m trying to do so i’m not sure it’s possible at all. Maybe someone can help out figuring out or confirm that it’s not actually possible to do what I’m trying to accomplish.

Basically it’s a consumable (kibble) that can tame anything in one bite, the way it works is quite simple, it’s a consumable child of “base kibble” and has a global tame affinity set to very high (1000) so that it would tame anything on the first bite, but a few people asked for an INI setting to make it less powerful and make it so that it would require more than just one to tame something. So i’ve been wondering if I could allow people to set the Global Tame Affinity Multiplier setting via INI to whatever they wanted.

The more i look at documentation about this the more i’m thinking that’s not something that could be achieved. But if anyone has and idea, please let me know!

thanks in advance