Help with setting up an alpha in texture


This concerns Photoshop more, but hopefully someone here who is familiar with setting up alpha masks in their textures can help…? I’ve already tried asking on Reddit, but they weren’t very patient or tolerant with me. I get lost and confused pretty easily. I try doing Google searches for answers, but usually, I end up going round in circles and become more frustrated.

I think I know how to set up the final texture in Unreal, but I’m having a hard time understanding and getting to grips with the process of adding an alpha mask in the diffuse texture itself. I’ve tried making one using the Channels in Photoshop, but I’m not having much luck. There are some cut-outs I need to make to the hem of a character’s dress. Originally, I painted them black and thought you had to use a mask to hide them. But I’ve been told you need to use transparency. Now, depending on whether it’s my texture set up, with all the different folders and masks etc., I’m having a hard time understanding how you do this. Can someone help and explain it to me?


You only need a black and white image as the mask. You can ‘channel pack’, but you don’t have to.

It also doesn’t matter which way around you have the image ( black / white ), because you can always invert the sign in the material.