Help with setting transparency of textures.

Greetings to all! Help with setting transparency of textures. I want to make a fence with barbed wire. It turns out a dark texture. How to adjust the transparency of textures in the Unreal Engine 4 editor? And if you go to the fence on the other side then the barbed wire can not be seen at all. How in the Unreal Engine 4 editor to make sure that the barbed wire is displayed on both sides?
Here is a screenshot


in your M****eshes material blueprint editor on the left you need to select in Blend Mode - M****asked.

Then plug in your main texture like you see in the pic to the now available OPACITY MASK adapter. This is the set up for a Tree branch material which makes the back ground translucent removing the cards etc… Then if you can not see it both sides try Ticking the box for Double sided Geometry under your meshes details panel on the right. hope this helps you out.