Help with setting location of Destructible mesh?

I’ve got an asteroid-style game in 3D using UE4 physics. I have a small blueprint that takes the vector, gets the largest component and compares it to a float (world bounds, and a negative version). If over that float, the entire vector location is multiplied by -1 and used to set the ‘new’ location of the object (bullets, ship, asteroids, etc). The issue is destructible meshes; for the life of me I cannot figure out how to properly set the location of the destructible mesh. I can set the location of the actor and the root component (a dummy box with no collision or physics) perfectly fine, but none of this affects the mesh. According to break components and logs its going through the nodes (set world location/relative location for scene components, ‘teleport’ for actors, ‘set world location’ for actors, etc) that I’ve tried with no success. I’ve also tried getting all children of the root component and setting their world location, also to no avail.

What’s the method that I should be using here to set it properly? I’m suspecting I’m missing something about how they work, but I don’t know what and can’t find any help in the documentation.

on a side note, other things like Destroy component or Set hidden do affect the mesh correctly, but none of the location nodes seem to be working right.