help with servertravel crash for clients since 4.22

i’m Blueprint only.

I’m getting some kind of error about an array sometimes (sometimes the crash prompts the ue4 crash reporter to pop up), other times i’ve just gotten a generic “fatal error” crash.
I’m including pictures for the server travel functions i’m using and one of the crash messages. Not sure what array it’s having a problem with. Worked in 4.21 not sure what I could’ve changed.
Can include crash logs as well.

the host loads into the given level fine, but the client crashes. Clients can then reload and rejoin and they’re loaded into the new level fine, but crash again upon the next level load. Thanks all

edit - i have copied the project to an empty c++ and opened to line 611, still can’t figure out what my crash is a result of
and some folks on discord tried helping but it didn’t work out.

I think it may be an issue with player controller ids, but it works in 4.21 so i’m confused.