Help with Sentry blueprint logic.

Hay guys I’m working on a sentry gun for our FPS title and kind of stalled as to the over all design as to completion based on the needs of the design.

In our current release title the sentry gun is used to protect the spawn areas to prevent members of the opposite team from controlling the other teams base and running up the capture score as well we plan on allowing some kind of player control as a server side option and as a map entity in general.

So far I have it mostly figured out as to the basics as in static mesh form, lots of tutorials on that subject, but the need is for control of a skeletal version of the same design due to the need to add key frame animations and camera control.

There are two key areas where I’m stalled that I could use some direction.

  1. How to expose the skeletal transforms to blueprints so they can be get and set as to FK rotation.
  2. The tracking part as to range, FOF, and firing is solved but should only occur if the target is visible to the gun when the player is in range. In other words if the player can not see the gun then the gun should not see the player.

I’m sure I can figure it all out in due course but if some kind sole can give me the directions as to what I should be focusing on that would save me a bundle of time.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. We are considering releasing the sentry gun as a prefab free of charge once the marketplace is up and running so there is a prize, sort of, as to the best solution.

Part 2 is easy. Run a trace from the gun to the player. If the trace hits the player, then the gun can shoot.
This is what that part of mine looks like (not really happy to show the rest of it. Only because it’s not perfect, but the tracing part works fine). Combine this with conditions of the other parts, range ect. and it will work fine.

Edit: Just realized you mean that you don’t have things like range implemented. Here is some sample logic for range and for visibility. Mine uses a spotlight type system. When the player enters the spotlight (actually a cone mesh), the turret will turn to face it. If then trace then hits the player (i.e the player is not in cover), the turret will fire.

8fafebbb48948328c53f3744d941d8408e54b4d1.jpeg Capture3.JPG