Help with select code

hello, I need some help with select code for my project. I have no knowledge on how to use select and want to try and learn how to use them to avoid copy and pasting previous code. I’m trying to do a resident evil fixed camera system, so when the player leaves the room and activates a trigger box it will switch to that camera and controls dependent on where the camera is facing.

There’s a much easier way to do this. I think it’s better to tell you that, because it will also help you to think about coding in an ‘object orientated’ way.

Make a blueprint and put a camera in it, along with a collision box. Code the BP, so that when the player overlaps the collision box, then camera activates ( view target ).

Put these actors ( blueprints ) all over your level - that’s it :slight_smile:

EDIT: You also don’t need the ‘set actor rotation’, unless you’re using it for dramatic effect. As the camera will already cover the relevant area.

Put this in the construction:

Then you can setup the cam: