Help with saving a project

Hi All.
Sorry if my question looks silly or trivial but I have zero experience in UE and couldn’t find a proper answer for my question.

quick intro for the context sake: I am trying to export a 3ds Max model using Datasmith plugins into UE 4.20 so I can use it with Airsim.

based on some videos, I managed to export my 3ds Max model into UE 4.20 but I am stuck after that in how to save the project to be structured and ready to use like the ’ Landscape Mountine’ project available to download for free from the UE market. I want the saved model to have Maps and Assets folders in the content folder as it is quiet essential for me to proceed with the conversion process.

I have tried to explore the possible options for saving the project but it was an overwhelming step for me considering that I have no knowledge about it at all.

Here is the main video I am following to implement the Airsim use of the UE projects and it shows how to make use of the ’ Landscape Mountine’ project.