Help with routing a value

Hello. I’m just starting with Blueprints. I’ve previous experience with other visual programming languages (mainly Max/MSP) and am trying to translate that knowledge to Blueprint but some procedures are very different. So, I’ll hope that you guys help me with the following problem:

I’m receiving Open Sound Control (OSC) data from the network (using this handy OSC for UE4 plugin).
The data received could be something like this:
/object1/position 0. 0. 0.
/object1/colour 1. 1. 0.5
/particlestate 0
/particlestate 1
/object2/position 10. 20. 30.

The OSC receiver component sends the address (i.e, /object1/position) and the actual data (i.e, 0. 0. 0.) through distinct output ports.


I would like to send the data to different parts of the blueprint depending on the address.
In Max/MSP I would use the object route (or osc-route) and do something like one of the options below:


What would be the ideal solution to do this in Blueprint? Thanks.

Maybe try a Switch? Not sure if it works with Names (or Text? what color is that Address pin?) Not sure if that achieves what you need, but may be a place to start.