help with rotation problem

so i made a character move using the official tutorial from unreal, plus one from another video teaching me how to make a player crouch but thats irrelevant. I then decided i wanted to make the mouse rotate the characters head when he looks, and rotate the whole body when the player turns 90 degrees, which is where this tutorial comes into play:

followed everything in that tutorial and im pretty sure i got everything to a tee, but my player moves like this now:

Im pretty sure this issue arises because the tutorial show conflicts with the official unreal tutorials. Here is my character blueprint event graph. See if you can see anything wrong with it pls:

If you need me to include whats within the update head rotation node I can, but its in the youtube tutorial.

Hi Smigel,

From the look of the video you haven’t finished following the tutorial?

From around the 13 min mark he adds extra checks, for example to the movement input axis to check if it’s not = to zero (no input) and toggles Orient Rotation to Movement based on that check. It’s hard to tell as I’m not sure what inputs you’re pressing in your video but this might be the issue.

Also are you running this test on a dedicated server? I notice there appears to be around player in the video. Are you playing as the first player (server) or second (client?). If you run the test again with only 1 player do you get different results?