Help with Reshaped Cubes


Im building a castle / fort for my game and need some help (not sure of the right terminology for everything so bear with me)

Please see attached pic of my iron gate I made it out of several reshaped cubes is there any way for me to turn it into one item completely connected?

and can I make it go up and down within my gate house? (seen the sliding glass door ages ago need to re-watch it and see if I can use same method)


You can select all of the objects and then go file -> Export and that’ll churn it out as an FBX that you can then re-import and it’ll be it’s own little model.

The only problem is that with it being made from reshaped cubes the UV wrapping on it may screw up which will then cause textures applied to it to become warped and distorted.
You could probably re-do the unwrap in a separate program such as 3DS Max.

Regarding making it go up and down, that’ll be a matter of creating a blueprint out of the model which has a timeline which controls how high it can go up.

When you use bsp brushes, you can select all boxes - in the details Panel click onto “convert to mesh”. Now it’s one single mesh. :slight_smile: