Help with remaking Katamari Damacy in "HD"

I didn’t make the title clear, I need help with scripting a part of the character blueprint, not making the game

So, if you couldn’t tell already from the title, I’m working on Katamari Damacy “HD” as a class project and just for the fun of it, and I need help with scripting a part of the character blueprint. If you have ever played these games, then you know in We Love Katamari, and Katamari Forever, you are able to roll, or climb, up the wall if you held both the analog sticks forward. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea on how to even start “blueprinting” this, and that is why I’m here I guess. I’ve already got the “rolling things up part” and the physics based movement down, but I can not for the life of me, figure this out. Any help is appreciated!

Character Blueprint:

Forgive me if this sounds weird or formal or whatever, I’m not good at posting on forums, or writing in general.

can you be more specific? or youre asking us how to make the whole game for you haha

I just need some help on scripting the “climbing up the wall” part. I kinda mentioned this in the first post, but I guess I might as well expand on that. In the beginning of Katamari Forever, or I guess the tutorial, after learning all the basic controls, you have to hold both joysticks forward the climb up a wall. That is what I need help making.

Have you taken apart the Rolling Template available on the Launcher?

This will probably fall into needing to enable some sort of non-gravity mode for those situations.

I did a tutorial/blog on making a spider AI wall walk. The concepts could be applied to a ball, it actually would be easier. This may help.

I originally started off with modifying the Rolling Template, but it was too fast. I wanted it to control smoothly and slow, not Sanic the Hedgehog, if you catch my drift. So I went off and started from scratch. I’m using the “add impulse” function with the ball’s linear dampening set to 5.5, instead of using force or torque. The problem with having it switch to a non-gravity mode is that it has the chance of flying off the wall. Maybe if I add something that it snaps to when the gravity is disabled, but I have no idea how I would do that.

I’m gonna move this to the WIP section, I finally got the climbing system down (thank you so much Mike!)