Help with Racing Game Blueprints

Hey guys, its me again.

I thought i would get some stuff going on a blueprint project. I havent done much in terms of Blueprints before so i thought i would throw together a quick game and see how stuff works. Now this gave me a bunch of different issues.

Im going to try and ask them all in one post so i dont spam the forums.

First of all. Im using unreal engine 4.1.1 (so no vehicle stuff yet).

Secondly, im having a problem where i have a Blueprint for my vehicle but when i start my game im going in the opposite direction to where the blueprint object is facing. Ill try to post as many pictures as possible.

Here is my blueprint graph for the Vehicle.

Thirdly, i havent seen any documentation on setting up a camera for my vehicle. (This is just a test mesh that i threw together in 5 seconds. Its facing the X direction.)
So i just followed the flying game example, where i added the mesh, parented a springarm under it, and then parented a camera under that, and then mooved the camera to the desired location. It works, but i think i did something wrong.

Last and not least, i think i need some help with the steering. I just cant seem to wrap my head around this.

Basicly what i want is when i press A or D (this i have set to Axismapping horizontal) I want my ship to roll on its side and slowly steer to the direction.

What im aiming for: (from 1:30)

No one? Should i rather post this on the forums?