Help with post processing effects?

Hi everyone, I need some help. You see, in my spare time I like to add post processing effects to old games, preferably emulated games. My main tools for doing this is reshade and since I mainly use the Dolphin gamecube/wii emulator, Ishiruka effects, which is a built in post processing suit that gives depth access, meaning I can uses effects like global illumination, ssao, etc.

Example screen shot of something I have worked on.

Anyway, my reason for making this thread is because I would like to learn more about postprocessing and see if I can further improve. I would really like to know if it’s possible to get better lighting out of the game through post processing, without abusing bloom. A problem I tend to run into with using bloom for lighting is illustrated in this video.

While most things are at a desirable level, whenever a room with a lot of white comes up, or a character that’s very pale or has white hair comes up, they look waaay to bright and ruin the scene. QQ
I would love to figure out a way around this!