Help with popping!

Hi, i’m creating my first large scene in unreal, the final output is for animation, so no real interest in real time effects.
So far i’ve created the materials and started importing the meshes.
I’ve got this weird popping problem, it’s not constant and depends on where i’m moving my camera, but most of the times, certain meshes will just pop out and in.
Here’s a video of the issue:

All the meshes are speparate objects created in maya, and imported as an FBX.
There’s only one material and it has 8 texture sets as a virtual texture, all 8k.
Still no light or vfx appart from the default ones.
Please help me, i have only 4 days until the deadline for The Rookies.

It’s LODs, you have to tweak them in the static mesh editor:

I’ve tried all the LOD settings alredy, the problem appears to be with the opacity channel of the material.
I’m using the alpha that ubstance exported into the base color

I ended up dividing my fbx into opaque and transparent due to time constraints, the problem now is only with those that have alpha channel.
Here’s a gif of the current problem.

How about posting the material graph of the problem materials?

Here you go

As i said, after creating 2 different materials, one opaque, and another translucent, the problem stoped.
Apparently, i can’t have a translucent material for every mesh in the texture set, even though i had the proper alpha channel, or it would make ALL the static meshes translucent, even though i checked the force opaque.