Help with Pong game

Hello so i’m following a tutorial on to make a game of pong.
I am following this mans every exact steps and everything is working out perfectly.
but i just reached step 9 wich is creating the scoring system,its working fine,but for some reason its sometimes giving me or the AI instead of 1 point 2…
I do not see what is going on can anyone maybe check on my blueprints?
The whole project is added,i put the code into BP_Ball


Link to his tutorial: /FKdl0G6NFwY

I’m a pretty big noob to unreal engine thats why i started simple with this

Thank you everyone

Cannot open your project in the engine so I can’t really help you(says your version is somehow newer),but you might want to print your results,check which variable and text renderer youre yupdating(left or gith one) and see if youre not adding +1 to the variable and then feeding it into the text renderer after already incrementing the vriable earlier.might be some issue in another place but as i said,cannot open the project.Good luck on improving.

I’m making this project in Unreal Engine 4.16.1 the project says its compatible with 4.16…
also i have no idea what you mean with all that do you mean screenshots of the blueprints or?
here you go i guess?
if you open them you get a bigger size of them

pic 2.png

Figured the fix to this solution being there needed to be a small unnoticeable delay right after it teleports and adds velocity to the ball so the overlap doesn’t trigger multiple times because of unnoticeable clipping.

Thank you for your reply Drealz,unfortunatly that did not fix it
I changed them both compiled then saved then save all but still it gave me more then 1 point sometimes…
feel free to contact me via steam or something if you want to talk about this issue " "
PS: Goodluck with your own game


FIX to the problem:

Quick Update,my problem is fixed thanks to user “Drealz” who helped me via private messaging,
after we figured out that the problem was that the string prints it out twice after the ball collided with the goal,
He figured out that a delay would work best,his answer:

First add a delay(D+Left Click where you wanna create the node) right after you set physics linear velocity node and right before that set player score increment +1, then set the delay to a unnoticeable time like .01
I would also set that variable I told you to change to 2 on the max so that way it can only write a bytes worth of data and no more to save room for other information and so say a hacker doesn’t change it to something like 999999999999 because it can only go up to 99.
I would also change the end part where it says RPlayer Score > 10 to a >= instead because 10 is a better number to play too, not 11 =]! and I would do this for both goals so 2 areas total.
pic2.png help