Help with play/rewind animation 4.21

I’ve got something which seems like it should be very straightforward and simple, yet I am not having any luck getting it working. I am trying to have a character play an animation when the game begins (for this test, I am using the mocap animation from the Composure project) and then when I give it input, I’d like it to play in reverse. But no matter what, it never stops playing and I have tried multiple ways. I’m hopefully just missing something simple.

I think I might need to use Timeline, but I cannot seem to get the animation curve into the timeline node. Selecting the animation in the browser and then hitting the arrow doesn’t work. I’ve also tried stops, montages, having the component use a blueprint for its animation and the loading and deloading the animation instance class, yet nothing seems to work.

This image is just one of many iterations I’ve tried. Thanks in advance for any help!