Help with physics issue

I’m having an interesting issue with physics applied to a block. This block gets physics enabled in the construction script of the blueprint. This cube should fall immediately once it has been created but it seems to get stuck on the adjacent cube below/next to it as you can see in the video. It also tweaks out when the player tries to walk into/over it.

My questions are, is there a way to make this cube ignore the adjacent cube, short of making them not collide with each other? The cube needs to be able to fall and land on top of other cubes.

And how can I get it to stop behaving so oddly when the character touches it? I want the cube to be constrained in the x and y axis so it can only move in the z axis. All three rotation axis have also been constrained so that it can not rotate. The player should be able to run into it and walk over it like any other cube, without it freaking out like it does.

Thanks in advance.