Help with Path tool Please ..( picture included ) . Not spline based system

Hello Boys and Girlds:D
I search for this on the web some time but can not find any good solution for it. I dont think its a massiv challange I only get little bit stuck I think :slight_smile:

I want to create a non Spline Base Road system based up on smal path pices…problaby actor based :). When you place the actor in the world I want the system to create a new actor infront of the other actor :). It like the same system you have in planet coaster today for creating larger path places quickly . How do I do this ? :slight_smile:

The Project is set up for blueprint and c ++ but have more blueprint then c++ exprience :stuck_out_tongue:

I add a picture from it what I mean to :)…It create a new path part and he can added it in the blue box there :). It simpy and quick system to creating path :). and it cant be that hard to creat a function like this right ? :confused: