Help with parallax mapping pls

37a08582becc000de0fef0df03d799c4.jpg So why is this happening any idea?

Maybe we could help if we could have a picture of your material. Hard to say just by look…

It was first thing on google if you search ue4 parallax

So i checked my heightmap and it seems clean, no border or whatever

So uhm, it works on planes but doesnt work on walls…

That picture belongs to this:…lusion_Mapping

I used the texture and normal from the starter pack: T_Brick_Clay_Beveled_D and T_Brick_Clay_Beveled_N

It worked fine applying into 3 planes rotated in vertical and placed side-by-side. I am uploading a small video for you to double check material setup:

I wish you success!

Just a little update on the video to fix errors.