Help with overloaded blueprint level

Hello guys, I’m new on Unreal Engine and I’m learning about blueprint system. Actually, I’m making a system of cameras for a “Point and Click” game. The system is not just a click and the camera teleports to another view. Is more than that. Exist a smooth transition with a walk head bobbing between the cameras and a smooth rotation in other times.

The problem behind this is that my whole script is at the blueprint level. Do that is not the best way. Blueprint level prevents me controlling appropriately my PlayerController and make my script less reusable.

But the way I’m doing that I do not find a way to improve that.

Basically, I have one camera for transitions and rotations and origin cameras and target cameras. I use Timeline to make that transition and rotation more smooth. Unfortunately, I can’t use Timelines in Macros or Functions so I can only collapse nodes, who make the logic of smoothness, and work with their copies.

I would like a way to remove some part of this script from blueprint level and make this more intelligent and reusable in the blueprint system.

When I click on trigger he fires a script on blueprint level who in this case is (OnClick (Triggerbox))

[Image 1][4]
[Image 2][5]
[Image 3][6]

Thank you. If the post is to broad, I’m sorry, it’s my first post.

Thanks for the answer. Let me see if I get it right. In one blueprint, called for example BP_cameras, I’ll put all the cameras used on scene. In this same blueprint I’ll control the transitions of cameras. How can I control the triggers from inside the blueprint if I can not create triggers in a blueprint?

Obs.: Exist one trigger for each transition or rotation between cameras.

Thanks for the answer Nachtmahr. I did not know de Splines, it seems to me more elegant using them. Good information. thks

Ninjin is on the right Path. I Personaly would make a new Actor BP. Add a BoxCollisionComponent under a SceneComponet (or Billboard if you want a nice Icon thats easy to click) and add Two Camera Components to the Scene Component. Name them FromCam & ToCam. The Collision Box works the same as a TriggerBox so you should be familiar with it. Maybe adjust the Collision settings. You can drop that Actor int the Scene and adjust the Camera positions where you want them to be aswell as Adjust the Collision Box Shape. Make additional Variables you want to use as Adjustments like Blendspeed or Speed Multiplier or a bool that decides if you simply want to Teleport without Blend etc. flag them as Editable so they show up in the Details Panel.

Im a bit Confused why you use Multiple Cameras and Lerp with Blend but thats your Choice. Usually its enough to move a single Camera around.

Things you can Consider:

Using Array of Transforms that you Flag as Editable & Make 3D Widget. Moving your Camera along 2 or more Points smoothly. Alternativly moving Along a Spline from a Spline Component.

Using Sequencer instead. That tool is great for things like that. On Click Trigger → Play a Sequencer Clip simple as that.