Help with new item loot for alphas

I need to find the right file(s) so i can make all the alphas drop a new item. Or is there like a lot of files that need editing or ridiculous hard?

I messed with changing the dino loot awhile back when I originally made Better Beacons but couldn’t get it to work. However, looking back, I"m 99.99% sure I know why. When you change a dino it ahs to be a new spawn or the new settings will not be there. I didn’t realize that back then and just assumed it didn’t work because none of the existing creatures had the new loot. (which they wouldn’t have)
So, in order to edit the dino loot it should actually be quite simple you’ll just need to determine what lootitemset the particular dino is using.

The easiest way to find out out is to first find the character BP for the dino you wish to change, in this example its the alpha carno -

Open up “MegaCarno_Character_BP’” and look for “Death Inventory Templates”. In that section you will see “Associated Objects” and it should be by default set to “DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_MegaCarno’”. Click the magnifying glass next to it to browse to it in the content browser and open it.
In “DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_MegaCarno” Look for “Item Sets”. Whatever is referenced in “Item Set Override” is the file that you will want to change. In the case of the Alpha Carno it is “LootItemSet_MegaSurvivor’” Click the magnifying glass to browse to it and make a copy or child of it in your mod folder then edit how you wish.

Once you have edited the lootitemset to your desire, you will need to remap it under the “Remap Supply Crates” section of your PrimalGameData_YourMod_BP. The “From Class” will be the original “LootItemSet_MegaSurvivor” and the “To Class” will be your newly edited file - “LootItemSet_MegaSurvivor_MyMod”

This WILL make your mod “dirty” since it will be a remap… That being said, it is a minor remap and the worst thing that could possibly happen is your remap being overridden by another mod that remaps the same lootitemset. When several mods are being used and they both override the same item, whatever mod is loaded first will take priority.

EDIT: Just did some testing, it does NOT work. At least not in the editor. Pretty sure the “DinoDropInventoryComponent” will need to modified to point to the new lootitemset as well as the “Dino_Character_BP” to point to the new “DinoDropInventoryComponent”.
Good news is you won’t have to remap the lootitemset!
Bad news is you will have to remap the dino instead which would most likely cause issues with other mods that edit the dinos. Such as any of the “Colored Dino” mods.

So then it’s piontless. What if I make the item harvestable from a bush or an air drop, do the same or simular rules apply?

Not pointless, it can be done, but like P0ker said any mod that wants to modify the dino (which in this case is Alphas that that’s just a few I seen that do, and at nay rate are their own mini TC’s(more or less))

And any mods that require coloring, but even a color mod, if it doesn’t make alpha’s tamable than it doesn’t matter if you just mod the alphas because no one can tame them anyways (vanilla setting)

If you feel like it’s a huge deal, you can make your new items craft able with engrams that are 0 points (free to learn, Joan’s Corpse Finder mod does this for the two items it gives) Your new items can use the rex bone helmet skin as a resource, since the only way to get those is from rexes(rare) or from alpha raptors and carnos (alpha rex gives the trike bone helmet skin) But if you meant new items as in instead of giving metal picks/axes/spears/revolvers/Xbows to dropping flak armor/fur armor/ammo/crystals then I’m not sure (yet) how to make a new engram that would allow you to craft those without of course duplicating those items (I wonder if there is a way to say the cloned item would craft 0 of itself but craft 1 additional item of the vanilla. I will try to test this, saddly another issue is most craftable items start at item rating 0, which normally means no bonus stats, unless you craft said thing, and have a use event to consume itself and give you the desired loot item with a random rating (thanks to the add item function that’s possible))

However it’s all about working smarter and not harder. Making senseless clones to just get by do you can use a rare drop to craft another thing. But at least that would make those drops a sortof currency (I will trade you an assault rifle and two stacks of ammo for 4 rex bone helmet skins)

You’re wanting them to drop your new modded item? Supply drops would probably be your best bet. There are 3 ways you can do it but first you’ll need to make your new supply crate with the contents you want it to drop. Once you have that ready, you have 3 options:

  1. Simply remap of one of the existing supply crates. I’d recommend remapping your new crate to a “double” as they do not spawn as often. Pros -Really easy: “From Class” SupplycrateX_Double “To Class” your new crate and your done. - Cons - “Dirty Mod” issues Mentioned in the previous post.

  2. Add your crate as a new entry to the spawning volumes on the existing “PersistentGameplaySublevel_Supplydrops”. Pros - According to dev notes, that should make it 100% stackable. - Cons - None really other than it’s time consuming and if you don’t set the “weights” right your drop will spawn every few minutes. Oh and if you don’t make a back-up of your modified sublevel, next time the devkit updates or you verify you’ll have to redo the sublevel. What I do is make a copy of the original and name it something like “PersistentGameplaySublevel_Supplydrops_Original”. I then edit the actual original and when done editing I make a copy of the edited version and add something to the end like “_starkwars” So now there are 3 supplydrop sublevels, the one named original, the one named starkwars and the actual original that has been edited. When cookingthe mod make sure to original files pathname IE: PersitentGameplaySublevel_Supplydrops or you’ll basically have 2 supplydrop sublevels loaded.

  3. Make a new sublevel, add in a “supplycrate spawning volume” and some “server side huge’s” and then link them to your crate. Pros - I would imagine this would absolutely be stackable and work better than editing the original supplydrops sublevel. Making the spawning volume should be relatively easy. You can make the crate spawn exactly where you want - Cons - Depending on how many spots you want your crate to spawn it could get tedious as you have to manually place every one of the serversidehuge’s. I haven’t tried doing 3 yet but 1 and 2 do work and I know 3 will also. Just depends on how you want to go at it.
    “Brick Whut” has a pretty good tutorial for creating spawn volumes and sever side huge - ARK Dev Kit Lesson: Supply Crates - YouTube

for now i made it so you can craft it, but i want it to be harvestable from a bush, can anyone help me with that?

There are still a couple other options. You could add your new item to the harvest component of a dino as in this thread - Question to: Damage type, Harvest Component - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums
Another option is Raptor Clause. I forgot to mention him yesterday. That’s another super easy way to add your items to “drops” without remapping anything and keeping it 100% clean.
Open “TheIsland_RaptorClaus”, click on “SM_SantaSleigh” and set it to your new mesh or set it to none if you just want to the crates to spawn and don’t care to have a character flying through the sky while the drops are happening. Next look in the “Details” for “Find SMSanta_Sleigh in Level Blueprint” . Click it and you can edit the sounds and set it to your crate there. There’s other things you can change as well such as frequency of the drops, what time they become active etc.

For Stark Wars, I removed the santa’s sleigh, reindeer and raptor and replaced the mesh for the sleigh with a temporary horrible looking star destroyer mesh, made a quick “escape pod” mesh to replace the gift crate mesh and voila, custom supply drops for our items. There are a few other things that you’ll want to change like the sounds and announcement but that is a really easy way to add your items. You could even make it so that’s the only way to acquire the new asset, from the drop.