Help With My Crouch Animation

Currently I am trying to set up my third person character with a crouch animation, But I am having trouble building it, I cant seem to find where the problem is

I have mapped the C key as the action button

Here is my animGraph (When I tick the variable is crouched she will crouch and if I just the movement crouch speed she will move crouched so I think the problem might me somewhere else btu I can be sure )


Here is the crouch state


The Transition rules are simply is crouched or is not crouched (can post images if need be)

Here is my full event graph for the movement (crouch is at the top)


And finally we have my input call inside my character blueprint


I have been stuck on this for days any help would be great

Two things:
1.under your movement component enable can Crouch in the movement capabilities tab (somewhat down the end)

  1. youll also need to use the unCrouch function either in a toggle or on the crouch key released event.

Yup it was as simple as ticking a bloody box (Knew it)

and thanks for the tip about the uncrouch