Help with moviment in 2.5 side scroll hack&slash game

hello guyts, i’m developing a hack& slash game and i’m planning in make it a 2.5D side scrolling like "old games like Golden Axe or Dungeons and dragons:

ok the idea is the character can move in left to right or down to up, however i don’t want him to “turn” up or down, he can only turn 180(behind or ront) never 90(up or down) and the camera only follow the character until some x specific points of the “level” where it will lock and the character can move "all around the scene without make it “move”, like those old games, then i would love to have some "help on that matter here a video of gamplay

the scene and the models all will be 3d but the moviment will be like that, then i want to know how to proper setup the character moviment animation and how the camera will move in the scene

any help about how to do that, some small tutorial or screen of how to setup the moviment and cam in the blueprints would help a lot.

Hi man,

Here a video about sidecrolling unreal template, but as you can see the char rotates changing direction
So ,I fear you have to set up all the stuff yourself if you want full control .
For example this is how you move and set the rotation of a char in blueprint.
But depending on how you design your project you should do it differently.
Here a video about Statemachines

The camera too can be build from 0, to work in any way you want

yeah the videos i’ve found so far only are like that, the character move to “sides” right/left never top/down, i want the character be able to walk "around the full area not just “in the middle of it” but the important would be it not “look” to top or down, it will aways be looking to left or right, whenever it’s moving be to the sides or to the top/down, the idle, walk, run, jump, attack, block and dodge aways will be “facing” the sides, the character never gonna turn himself to the others directions.

about the cam i know how to setup the cam to be fixed without rotate in following the character, now what i want is away to let’s say i place a huge collision box in the scene in specific points of the map, then when the character “enter and reach let’s say the “middle” of the box” it lock the camera to the scene inside that collision box, then the character can’t keep moving foward, placing a invisile wall near the end of the “forward” of the box making the character not be able to move, then only after him kill all the “enemies” in that place then that wall be broken then the character can keep moving forward then when he leave the "collision box in the forward side the cam will be back following him, that is the mechanic i want.

thanks for the help i will make some tests about what you showed me.