Help with Move Component TO


Thank you for taking the time to read this post and possibly helping me with my problem. I have a blueprint without a static mesh. Upon creation it creates a randomly decided Destructible Mesh at its location.

I want these generated DC to move towards the player when they get within a certain range. In the construction blueprint I have the DC promoted to a variable after it decides which mesh it will use. I also have the integer used to decide promoted to a variable. I put these variables into an array with the deciding integer being the integer variable. I plugged that into the component reference of move component to and plugged in variables to the compare float just for testing purposes. But when I hit play the DCs just stay still. Any knowledge out there of what I'm doing wrong? ![1.jpg|1360x768](upload://lpvT5TcpzfY5ibm8OycHKQRhUx2.jpeg) ![7247e3054efe62cb59c6b5825ea95820c312d356.jpeg|1360x768](upload://giYrNBJBjRcabqwRyBcI8tUm4gS.jpeg)

You are ALMOST doing everything correctly. The reason that your item is appearing to not move at all is that once you are within range, you are calling the function, it now wants to be moved to you within 1 second. The next frame, it does the same thing, and plans to be at your location in one second. The same goes for 100 frames from when you first were within range, it is still wanting to take 1 second to move to you, but you keep cancelling the previous move to by calling the function again. You need to call this function once when you are in range, and do not call it again until you actually want them to start moving to you again. You can achieve this by using a ‘Do Once’ node in between the compare and the ‘Move’ input on the node. Then you can call reset on the ‘Do Once’ when you want to be able to move the component again.