Help with modifying variables on various items

So I want to try modding, and I have a few ideas i’d like to try out, but aren’t immediately obvious. Here are my questions:

  1. simplest one - make a torch that works underwater. One idea is a flare, the other an electric light. Neither would spread light differently than a torch, aside from maybe color. Where do you set an item to be usable underwater? And where do you set burn time for torches? Im guessing is a durability decrease over time…

  2. modification of base resources. I have two seperate goals, so two subquestions:
    2.1) making berries be turned into ‘compounds’ for making medicines, etc. Would this be a custom reaction in the mortar/pestle?
    2.2) having rocks give you generic ore and minerals instead of metal and Flint. These can then be sorted by hand for minerals, with poor efficiency, or by machine/table for greater efficiency. How do you change what a rock gives when you mine it? Is it possible to have different item rarities require different resources ie. Copper vs iron for primitive vs apprentice?

  3. different saddles. One that ISN’T rideable, but gives a carry weight buff, and another that has in built gps. I think I get the buff, but how do you make a saddle that isnt rideable? And gps just confuses me; I tried looking at the three items that use it, but I can’t figure them out.

Thats it for now; none of these really require new meshes or skeletons, so they should be doable (by me).

Thanks for any help!

  1. Search for WeapTorch under PrimalEarth. Open that, then use search bar at top to search for “under”. You should see the check box titled “Prevent Equipping Underwater”.

As for durability, use the search bar once again to find “Dura” in the torch blueprints

2.1) Yes, but you would also need to make a new primalitem for it
2.2) Under the rockharvestingcomponent. Not sure about the second part, you’d have to explore

  1. Yes again possible, but this one would probably require blueprinting (might not though, just again explore and see what you could make use of that is already available to you). Saddle not being ride-able, no clue, haven’t messed with saddles.