Help with Modding a New T-Rex

I tried to create a new T-Rex with everything the same as the original one, but only change the size of it to respawn, I don’t know how to do it since there is no video to teach that, I’ve read some articles and tried to do it, but no luck, the file I uploaded is always 370kb, and no mod file after downloaded from workshop except mod info. I guess there must be something wrong with saving or reference or other things that won’t upload my mod file, somebody can help me how to do it step by step?I followed the one of the article here in the forum really step by step, but it doesn’t work, my guess is there is something maybe very basic that the author didn’t mention which is important.

Is your trex connected somewhere in the PrimalGameData_BP? I have noticed that even though something is in your mod folder, if it is not somehow referenced in the PrimalGameData_BP it will not be cooked.

What value changes the camera when you ride on the dino?

I changed the size of rex pretty much same with carno, but the camera is too high when i’m riding it, I don’t know how to change it, please help

I got it cooked now, it works fine, but only problem is after tamed when I ride on it, the camera is still the same as the big rex, very high, which value can I change it to make it lower like sabar or carno?

Camera boom length

don’t create a new post when you already have one next time :wink: i load the dev kit to found it and answer on the other post :wink:

before that if you intend to make it rideable, did you change the scale in the mesh file of the dino not the one in the dino character bp? if you change the one in the dino bp the player will be resize too :wink:

for the camera after looking try changing the TPVCamera offset option in the character_BP, if it don’t work try what null7238 said, Camera boom length, but i don’t know where it is.

It is the TPVCamera offset that changes what you are looking for. I have done some “resizing” for fun in the editor and adjusting that will get you setup.

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